Profile problem?

I hope this is the right forum for this, apologies if not.

I’ve been having trouble recently where I try to go to a person’s profile using a hyperlink, and it directs me instead to Fallen London proper. This has happened with strangers as well as with my own secondary accounts, but it doesn’t happen every time. (The links in my signature, for example, worked fine just now.) I thought at first it was a problem with two-word usernames, maybe?

Is it something wrong on my end that I can fix? Something other folk have experienced at all?
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Have you used profile links here on the forum? Some of them are broken due to a problem a few months ago. Clicking on one of them sends you to the login page, or just FL if you’re already logged in.

Google also still lists some broken profile links.

Examples: (this one works) (this doesn’t) (this doesn’t either)
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That’s probably it, I was trying it with some older links. Thank you!

(Yikes, that ‘accepted answer’ thing is blinding.)

(safe to use, whitelisted by FB)