It appears that we have a new character development option (or, alternatively, I’ve been oblivious and am just noticing something that has been around for a while; I’m not ruling that out).

From the Docks connection card, By the River’s Side: the Docks:

Choose Rat-Catcher as your profession (Requirements: Dangerous 20, Connected: the Docks 25)

“Last rat-catcher I hired used to shoot man-eaters in Bengal. He went 'ome after a week.” “We need someone discreet. Someone reliable. Someone no-one dares cross.” A Profession gives you a single unique item; in this case, a Ratting Piece. You may only have one Profession at a time.

Has anyone seen any other Profession options?

From the Hell connection card, Burning Shadows: the Devils of London:

Choose Trickster as your Profession (Requirements: an Infernal information 1, Connected: Hell 25)

“You’re trouble. No, no, sit down, don’t worry, we like that. We wanted you to meet someone. Hubert, step forward. (Today, he’s called Hubert.)” A Profession gives you a single unique item; in this case, a Loathsome Imp. You may only have one Profession at a time.
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This is the first I’ve heard of this, but I’ll pay more attention to the connection cards from now on. I would advise any of the wiki editors to also pay attention. This is an interesting new development.

Just found one on the ‘criminals’ card: profession Enforcer. Waiting to see all the options before deciding on one, myself.

There’s a Write A Letter storylet at your lodging, allowing you to resign from the professions.

The current professions seem to be (at least the one you can resign from):
Enforcer (Criminal)
Campaigner ()
Rat-Catcher (Docks)
Trickster (Hell)
Watcher ()
Journalist ()
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Oooh, how exciting! My great great great grandfather was actually a rat catcher in the East End docks, so maybe I should choose that :)

That sounds like a good idea. It will also matter what the Unique Item that comes with the Profession does.

Iiiiinteresting and exciting! I’m always happy to see ways we can get integrated into Fallen London proper, and not just being wandering adventurers - though, naturally, by the time we’re Persons of Some Importance, we’re ladies and gentlemen and ladi- er, gentle- ah, yes, of leisure, and would only pursue a professional post of the highest standing - Head of the Royal College of Pseudosurgeons, say, or Minister for Infernal Affairs, or Chair of the Society for Farcical Research.

Personally, I’m holding out for whatever profession the Bohemians give you. Most likely some flavor of poet. I would also be interested to see if your chosen faction has any effect on your profession, or vice versa.

I thought everyone and their aunts in Fallen London is aiming to become the next Imperial Artist-in-Residence, complete with superior lodgings and the ability to repeatedly have devil hurled into the river without suffering relationship loss?
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Who is the current Imperial Artist-in-Residence? Is there such a post? Was the Privy Councillor feeding us an Extraordinary Yarn? (Incidentally, I note that the Urchin Profession seems to be Trickster also, with the same offered reward as the Devils.)

I have some real estate in Hell to sell you if you believe he’ll ever give us that post. I however am looking forward to Governorhood, and some friends in the Foreign Office make believe that is much more likely. I only express my doubt because a certain Reclusive Novelist from the Bohemian Connected card ALSO was promised that position.

everyone in fallen london is actually unemployed because the bazaar put them out of business
All of them.

Found the one for the Church

Choose Campaigner as your Profession A Profession gives you a single unique item; in this case, Feckless Supporters.

Further discoveries:
Revolutionaries - Enforcer (Burly Assistant) or Campaigner (Feckless Supporters)
Constables - Watcher (Revolting Disguise)
Bohemians - Journalist (Little Red Book)

(With all this tinkering with the Connections, I wonder if we’ll see, for instance, a way to change alliances and/or ally with the University or the Masters… or if there’ll be an Orient connection pet… or a Rubbery Men connection card! I can but dream.)

The [color=#ffffff]Watcher[/color] appears to be the trade of [color=#ffffff]Connected: The Great Game[/color].
“Choose Watcher as your Profession
Be subtle. Be silent. They also serve who only stand and watch.
A Profession gives you a single unique item; in this case, a Revolting Disguise. You may only have one Profession at a time.”

Requires: Connected: TGG 25, and A Fine Piece in the Game - A Veteran Spy


The card for [color=#ffffcc]Connected: The Tomb-Colonies[/color], per the time of my writing, does not grant a profession.


A word to the wise, if you have not yet chosen a connection be warned: choosing (at least in my case) results in a substantial decrease in your connected: quality. From 38 to 28 for me.
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What benefits do Professions give, apart from an unique item and a reduction in Connections?

Does the “Arrange a meeting with your contacts” option under Write a Letter appear if you don’t have a Profession? I don’t recall seeing it before I did.

Yeah, it appears without a profession.

Both Hell and the Urchins offer up Trickster job alongside a Loathsome Imp. It’s curious to see how the professions divide up among the factions.

So what kind of bonuses do the items actually give?