Professional Rewards out of the city

Since I’ve decided to spend some time with the charming ladies at Hunter’s Keep, I can’t collect my just due. If I spend a few weeks or more here, will I have one payment waiting for me back home or will they accrue?

I am pretty sure you can only have one payment at a time.

They do not accrue.

I personally try to come back weekly to London unless I have gone to Polithreme (don’t go there). Just because.

That reminds me of an interrogation I had a while ago.

If you do not collect your payment for several weeks, does the Professional Perks quality still increases each week up to 4 ?

Your professional perks will still accumulate up to the maximum, as they come with TTH and not as part of your payment package.

If you organise your goings and leavings just right, you can be out at Zee for 13.5 days without missing a professional reward.

Thank you for the information !