Professional Perks?

I didn’t receive any Professional Perks this or last Saturday. Last Saturday, I was surprised not to receive one and noticed, when I checked my inventory, that I had accumulated four without noticing. Annoyed, but with nobody but myself to blame, I converted them to lessons and moved on. This week, however, I received my Agent’s payment (fairly recent job, this was only my second payment or so) again with no Perks.

Are Perks limited to certain jobs, or contingent on some other condition? Last week, I blamed it on a bookkeeping error by myself. This week, I’m wondering if there’s something else I was supposed to do. I’m nowhere near capped, so I still value Perks quite highly.
edited by Gerald Edgerton on 7/26/2015

As I understand it, Professional Perks are a thing that comes with ‘Time, the Healer’ regardless whether you’re in a profession or not.
You also receive An Earnest of Payment along with the other TtH stuff, and that item is what unlocks the profession-specific reward storylets.

This is what my most recent TtH looked like:

[spoiler] [color=#251f16] Memory fades; pain departs; rewards arrive! [You may have a Professional Payment waiting at your Lodgings; wounds and other hazards have faded, as has your reputation in the public eye. You may also have received Fleeting Recollections, which will allow you to remove Irrigo, if you have any.]

A Connoisseur of Neathy Delights hasn’t changed, because it’s lower than 10 Notability hasn’t changed, because it’s lower than 30 You’ve lost a quality: Wounds. You now have 1 of this: 'An Earnest of Payment ’ You’ve gained 1 x Professional Perk (new total 2). You’ve lost a quality: Suspicion. You’ve lost a quality: Scandal. You now have 5 of this: ‘Free Evening’ An occurrence! Your ‘Making Waves’ Quality is now 14! Day by day, the fog lifts, the hypomnesic radiations dissipate. (You now have Fleeting Recollections.) [/color] [/spoiler]

If you’re still not seeing it, check your inventory - it’ll be with the other Curiosity items.

Because it’s a useable item it should have a green border (unless you’re someplace where items can’t be used, in which case it’ll be red), and the icon should look like this:

Professional Perks are capped at four, so if you forget to spend them you can miss out. I made that mistake once, it looks like “Professional Perk hasn’t changed, because it’s higher than 3”

However, if Time the Healer came and didn’t give you any when you had zero, something’s wrong. I’d double-check your inventory as Kittenpox recommends; the storylet for spending them goes away when you cash in your earnest of payment, but they remain in your inventory and can be used directly from there.

If you find you aren’t receiving your Professional Perks along with Time the Healer, you should report that to

I’m sorry, I meant to reply sooner but had a difficult weekend.

I thought I had missed two payments, but had missed only one; the first was my own fault for hitting the perks cap without noticing. The second time, I was in fact paid in full; I didn’t see the Perks acquisition in the message (not the e-mail) that you receive when the Healer arrives.

Based on the text others sent, I inspected the e-mail, which I usually don’t read in full, and saw that I had received Perks; Kittenpox’s visual aid was especially helpful. False alarm, friends - user error!