Profesor of Antiquarian Esquivalience

I just read an article on Mountweazels and it turns out that Esquivalience is actually a completely made up word meaning &quota willful avoidance of ones official responsibilities.&quot

The Professor of Antiquarian Esquivalience is quite possibly one of the most bullshit jobs out there. I wonder what his lectures are like.

  1. Well, the fellow does spend more time in Wilmot’s End than the University.

  2. Lecture? Which lectures? The ones he has been avoiding to do since ever?

  3. The sad thing is, chances are that he is still a better professor than most. At least, his students don’t have to suffer him.

So who borrowed it from whom? Did FL get there first?

The really funny thing is that Antiquarian Esquivalience is an a actual department at the university. They can afford junior research fellows at least. Who’s paying for all this?

They do have junior researchers, don’t they? I should put in a transfer request.

As long as we don’t get a department of Cryptocurrency. It will be full of smelly people and terribly convoluted imaginary money, not even snakes want them.

Indeed, I do understand that. I went and read the article. But it presumably means someone had/used the dictionary and ?knew about the joke.

Yes, probably? Or they read about it on the web somewhere. I’ve first heard about it long before encountering it in FL. It’s quite well known among ‘word nerds’ ;)