Problems with syncing SS and FL

Short and sweet, I’m having a heck of a time linking my Sunless Sea game and my Fallen London account. I click &quotNew Stories Available&quot, punch in my FL info, and then punch in &quotabsinthegreen&quot for the activation code. However it stops there when the window reads &quotYou have already used access code ‘absinthegreen’.&quot Basically, I’m stuck.

Edit: I got the game through Steam so I don’t have a HumbleBundle code.
edited by SilusCrow on 9/24/2016

I have no idea tbh, it’s been ages since I last played SS - but you’re not the first to have issues since the recent update. I’d suggest mailing and wait for them to sort it out (which might not happen before Monday).
edited by phryne on 9/24/2016