Problems with Fallen London Wiki

Is anyone else having problems with the Fallen London Wiki? For me this morning (April 1, '23), the main wiki page pops up and then disappears immediately leaving only a black screen or (on Chrome browser) the word “click” in the middle of a black screen. This is occurring for me on three separate devices and three different browsers (Chrome and Edge on laptops) and the Samsung browser on an Android phone. Perhaps an April Fools joke.

It’s the Liberation of Night (yes, an April Fool’s joke).


Bummer. I am not amused. I am stuck at a place from which I cannot back out (no “nevermind” button), have five different options, and I want to learn their impacts before I select one. Unfortunately, I am also up to 19 action on my 20 action candle so in another 10 minutes I will just be sitting here watching possible actions get wasted.

The black screen should disappear once you click it. Then you can continue to use the wiki as normal.
Is this not the case for you?
That is how it works for me in Firefox and Chrome on Desktop.
Seems harmless enough.

Geez… what a chowderbrain I am. I clicked on the black screen and nothing changed. I refreshed the screen and still black. I hovered over the “Click!” and my cursor arrow did not change to indicate it was clickable so I did not actually click ON the word “Click!” until you suggested it. Now everything is fine. Thanks for the help.

You’re welcome. These things happen to all of us.
But all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.

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