Problem with the "Friends" tab

Uhm, since yesterday clicking my “Friends” tab in Fallen London doesn’t display my friends list anymore, just a link to the Storynexus account. I already sent a bug report to Failbetter, but I wanted to know if it was just me, or if it happened to other people as well.

This is intentional - we’re moving the friends list over to SN entirely. (And we’re having to remove the ‘catch up with rumours’ option because of privacy concerns.)

Ah. And how can I access friends’ Mantelpieces (without having to google the username and “mantelpiece” on a separate window)? From the account page I can see the list, but I can’t click on the names.

Don’t think there are any linkscurrently.
Another slightly inconvenient way is to visit your profile, then manually edit the url. Saves you from having to visit google, though I guess it’s pretty much the same.