Problem with becoming a person of some importance

I reached persuasive 100 a while ago and the Ambitious Barrister appeared, which I read about on the wikia and I know she’s your first step towards becoming a person of some importance. However, she took me to Watchmaker’s Hill and wants me to get a house there, which I need dangerous 100 for (and I only have 15…). There’s no option of moving away from Watchmaker’s Hill and getting a house in Veilgarden. I don’t know what to do and I’m not sure if I’m just missing something or if it’s actually bugged :(

You have to have 100 in EACH of the four stats to become a Person of Some Importance. The story appears once you have 100 in a single stat. Gear does count towards the 100, though, so you shouldn’t need to get Dangerous (or any other stat, for that matter) higher than about 60 if you can afford the high-end items.

Oh god, okay. Then I understand, thank you very much!