Problem Loading Storylets

After playing FL for a few weeks I found out there are other worlds to explore. I tried to check them out. I couldn’t. Whenever I try to click one of the starting choices nothing happens. It says it’s &quotLoading…&quot for a while, but after that nothing happens. I tried on several worlds, Same everywhere. Google doesn’t help. What should i do?

Well, that’s a quick response. ;) It’s not a big deal. I’m in hospital and I’m using a laptop. I’m coming home tomorrow. Perhaps it will work on a desktop. Thanks.

So… absolutely no idea how to fix it?

It’s broken on the server side, alas. I sent in a couple of support tickets about it and I’m sure FBG will fix it soon.

Oh, ok.

Same inability to play storylets, on an ipad.

I can play fallen London normally but this happens to me when I play anything other than fallen London on storynexus…

Working again. W00T!