Prize Ships, or Lack Thereof

I’ve been quite happy with the recent influx of stories on the Unterzee, but seem to have lost the ability to seize enemy ships for the rewards gained in London. The lack of additional options once you’ve defeated an enemy ship (the only option being to loot and scuttle her) also makes lowering Khaganian Suspicion an IMMENSE grind.

I realize that reducing a ship’s hull points to zero would, in practical terms, make seizing them for your own use impossible, but I have yet to find a way to kill the crew WITHOUT destroying the ship. Am I missing some clever trick, or is total destruction the only option?
edited by The Dark Gentleman on 11/13/2014

One could theoretically use flensing weapons, but even then I think you would sink the ship before you empty it of crew.

There was something in the notes about it and it will eventually be possible to send back Prize Ships again. I’m still not sure why the option was removed and I miss it as well. Especially the Khanate option.

Well, it’s not strictly removed, if you manage to bring the crew to zero without destroying the ship, you could seize it… it just ludicrously difficult since the “Crew Damage” of your weapon it’s in the 1-3 range per shot…

I liked the idea of prize ships, but I also thought that the way it was initially handled wasn’t the way forwards. Prize ships often accompanied the main ship back to port where they would be appropriately ransomed to the relevant people for the prize. On the one hand, the practical mechanics of this would add significantly to the things you’d have to do to get the ship home. But on the other hand, the idea of cruising into Wolfstack with six ships following you, all with “Property of Me…” stamped on the side is too good to pass up :)