Private Suppers

Is there anyone else who’s been banished from the Court who wants to grind Private Suppers with me? Woe is me for pursuing my Persuasive. I sincerely hope that in the future, there is a way to get back into those places from which you have been banished. I also pursued Watchful extensively and have been banished from the University :( Feel free to DM me if you want, or just send me an Acquaintance card with a lovely note. Watch out for the Fabber, she’ll talk your ear off and then eat it.

NB: Parelle is good people. But if more people want to get in on trading this, let me know!
edited by robo1995 on 4/18/2016

You can restore your reputation at University eventually by undertaking a scientific expedition and being banished from court opens up new opportunities at Wilmots’ End and The Carnelian Coast, so all is not lost… Enjoy!