Prisoner Honey

I would like to get a reservation at The Royal Bethlehem Hotel, but it cost 40,000 drops of prisoners honey. I would like to know a quick way to get this. Or is there a quicker way to get a reservation?
edited by Edward Frye on 8/16/2016

You can get a reservation with 50 antique mysteries if your watchful is greater then 100 on the “merry gentlemen” card (The one that shows up at high nightmares). Thefts in flit can get you the things you need to get the Mysteries

Which theft can I do to get antique mysteries?
edited by Edward Frye on 8/16/2016

Thefts of a particular character. It only shows up once you have 10 casing.

If you are not in chase for MW, you can also go to Port Carnelian and do a few terms.