Prison of Flint recap [SPOILERS!]

So, in my D&D world, my underdark is heavily inspired by the 'Neath. I loved the Prison of Flint pt. 2 story line and I want to have my players visit it. However, I obviously could only take a handful of the available paths and I don’t want to railroad my players. Would my fellow Londoners be so kind as to tell me what they did and what happened in the most recent exceptional storyline?

That’s not how it works, I’m afraid. You could read through the journals of the players posting here, or make a request for a more specific bit of information here

Improvise. Get creative.
If your players don’t play Fallen London (which I assume to be the case), they won’t know which parts are replicated from the 'Neath, and which parts are your own invention.
If your players do play Fallen London, they won’t have encountered all of the in-game content (same as you haven’t), and so won’t know which parts are replicated from the 'Neath and which parts are your own invention.

In a way, I’m suprised you asked this because Flint (1&2) felt a bit railroad-like, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing - you set out with a certain goal and go directly for it.
If your D&D campaign is struggling a little, impose a time constraint. The thing is needed for a ritual/whatever, which is coming up very soon - you’re allowed to be vague about the timing, if you base it on the moon phase / celestial alignment or something. That should allow you to impose a sense of urgency, without a definitive &quotWell, you returned after 4 days but you only had 3 days to do the thing. Therefore, you failed.&quot which can sometimes drag the mood down, unless you have a follow-up story on how your party can fix the situation.

The point I’m trying to make is creating a carbon-copy of the Fallen London world isn’t necessarily the best way to go about it. Extrapolate, incorporate other ideas, have the butler make them turn their backs and face the mirror while royalty dines. That sort of thing. ;)

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