Principle's End - SPOILER WARNING

[color=rgb(172, 178, 184)]I didn’t take note of the dialog when I activated this quest, and now I have no idea on what I’m supposed to be finding… I’ve delivered a [/color][color=rgb(221, 221, 221)][spoiler]h[/color][color=rgb(172, 178, 184)]eart metal ingot[/color][color=rgb(172, 178, 184)], an ambiguous eolith and a fluke core[/color][color=#acb2b8], and my principality quality is still &quotseeking further pieces&quot. When I go back to Port Cecil and select &quotAn Extra Move&quot the dialog is the same one you get when you return with none of the required items so clearly I’ve still got things to find.[/color][color=rgb(221, 221, 221)][/spoiler][/color][color=#acb2b8] It’d be nice if the journal helped keep track of the clues you get for all the quests (like it does for the curator’s quest in Venderbight). [/color]

[color=rgb(172, 178, 184)]Can anyone help me out with what else I need to be looking for? Just the clues would be ideal, so I can still work it out for myself, but the names of the items would be fine too. Thanks in advance![/color][li]

As I recall, you have at least a Watchful Curio left, though I could be wrong

Though from what I’ve found on the internet, you seem to have gotten everything…I might be wrong, but the piece I mentioned is, I believe, the Pawn.

Got all four of those and the narrative continues in the same way, figure there’s more content to be added at some point.

Trying to remember all the necessary pieces… have you delivered either a Hunting-Trophy or some Stygian Ivory?

The content is complete; I’ve finished this quest. You can see which items are still required by going to your journal tab (I think? possibly the hold tab) and mousing over the icons - there’s one for each missing item. There were five in my experience.

You need a fluke core, a heartmetal ingot, a wakeful idol (take the watchful curio to Polythreme, and then bring that upgraded item to the Principles), an ambiguous eolith, and a tooth from a zee-beast.

you are missing the Wakeful Idol, you need to upgrade a Watchful Idol, and either a Hunting Trophy or Stygian Ivory

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And when you’ve got all the items, there’s certainly no mistake that you’ve got them all.

Just be sure you have enough cargo to hold all the things you get, depending on your choice of reward

Rocked Heeled Jack, I wish your post had existed two days ago. I had some inventory problems at the end.

Spoilers for the reward, and also some related Neathbow stuff.

You get 77 items, I think. That is… a lot of items. I had to dump something like 20-30 things overboard.
Also note: I believe the chess piece can be turned in instead of blue Scintillack. I accidentally sold mine, and it nets a measley 100 echoes… compared to the scintillack which goes for 600 or something at the university. I HAVE found a fairly good, moderately repeatable blue Scintillack source, so I can have my combat benefit and eat it too.

If you have more than one Watchful Curio…

Only upgrade one at Polythreme. The upgrades will not do if you need another curio