I’ve had a vile idea. I would ask my colleagues at Benthic college about this but they haven’t let me back after the Blemmingbat incident. So I ask you. How does a weapon fueled by primordial shrieks sound? The answer, horrible (get it?), but how effective do you think it would be? Ive had two ideas. One is a massive collection of primordial shrieks and torpedo components tied together and sent floating towards the enemy. At which point it would detonate, breaking all of the wax sealants at once, doing anything from deafening the monster/crew to driving them to madness. My second Idea is a more refined weapon that has the same effects except more concentrated in the form of a canon. I would love to hear your feedback.

From your troubling engineer,

Ooh! Ooh! I have an idea. A wonderful idea. A glorious idea. What if a new area is added in the game where you can buy new weapons and boats. Maybe somewhere in Adam’s Way, because I think it’s about time some living artillery (that may or may not be a League of Legends pun) was added to the game. I had an idea a while ago (which I think you may have responded to) about a boat that plays kind of like a zee-beast: ramming things at high speeds in order to destroy them, with a high stagger rate. I have also done research into the depths of these forums and found some other suggestions for what a living ship could mean. For instance, this ship would be given a speed boost in the killing wax winds, and would be able to pass through the Adam’s Way gate without having to pass the veils challenge, giving easier access to The Touch of the South. We may have to pool our efforts my good man, and contact the Presbyterate. Who knows? They may already be working on something…

The Wax-Wind is pretty good at killing living things too, judging by the Waxwail Knife.

There is a gate within Adam’s Way? I must investigate! (I hope my hull will keep the blood river at bay). Also, you may be right. maybe we can find a living ship under the neath…
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Yeah, Adam’s Way allows you to sail off the map to the South. You’ll need high Veils though.