Previous menu music

I always come up with the most trivial questions (usually pertaining to music), but I’ve been wondering is anyone heard the previous menu music somewhere in the game (from the early access builds from June 2018 to launch). I LOVED it to no end (I seriously could listen to it for hours), but since there is a new menu theme, I fear it might be gone from the game. Has anyone heard it somewhere?

EDIT: I can’t hear it in the Bandcamp soundtrack either. I hope it does play somewhere. I sure would miss this track dearly.
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So I toured almost all major ports of the game (except Traitor’s Woods) and didn’t hear it anywhere (although there is a stellar mix of it and the Caduceus theme playing at Achlys).

I am a little sad at this, I think it would be lovely at Magdalene’s, too. Especially since its track is a duplicate of Carillon’s AND of the main menu theme.
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edited by Jubileus57 on 2/3/2019