Prepping for Nadir questions


I am poised to embark upon my expedition to the Cave of the Nadir, armed with 99 supplies and 3 skulls. I have Nightmares at 7 and 3 ‘Forgotten’ skull cards in my hand (plus a Polite Invitation).

I was wondering if I needed to get rid of the nightmares and the skull cards before starting the expedition as I’m not sure what goes on in the cave and would hate to get there and then need an empty hand free of cards, or to be ousted to the Mirror Marshes.


You might want to decrease your nightmares a bit as there are a few things in and around the Cave that increase nightmares (but if you hit Nightmares 8 in the cave you won’t get warped off to the Marches until you leave).
The Cave itself has an entirely separate deck and hand, so you don’t need to worry about clearing your hand before you head in.

Awesome, thanks!