Preparing for a journey across the Sunless Sea...

I have enjoyed my time in Fallen London so far, and now contemplate setting off to explore the Underzee as well. However, I hear that there are some measures you can take to give yourself an advantage on such a journey - or at least make it more interesting. So far, the only such opportunity I’ve found involved relieving a bunch of Rattus Faber pirates of an ill-gotten Whisperlocked box, and passing it on to a Zee-captain of my acquaintance… is there anything else I can do? I’ve heard tell of some special code-words related to the Sunless Sea, but have had little success with those.
edited by BlakeTheDrake on 3/5/2015

Check the Aspiring Zee-Captains storylet in Wolfstack Docks, playing this once will give all your captains in Sunless Sea a small advantage at game start.

A Parabolan kitten makes a cute starting mascot, though you will probably end up finding and using different ones as you play the game.
edited by reveurciel on 3/5/2015

I see, I see… I shall beg your indulgence sometime soon then, lady Ciel. And, it seems, delay my journey until I’ve at least reached the Wolfstack Docks!

Delighted to send you a friend.

By the way after checking the Wiki at you need to be POSI and have your own ship before getting the Navigator’s Boon so just getting access to Wolfstack Docks won’t be enough. So I wouldn’t bother waiting to set sail on the Sunless Sea.
edited by reveurciel on 3/5/2015

I see, I see… well, POSI is a goal anyone who lacks it strives towards, and the Sunless Sea isn’t going anywhere, so perhaps I WILL wait 'till then. More interesting is the list at the bottom - four qualities you can take with you into the Sunless Sea. I’ve got two of them now, and can get a third with POSI… but what of the Soothe & Copper Long-Box? Is it really still available? The code that supposedly grants it doesn’t seem to work for me… perhaps there are other requirements, or perhaps the wiki is simply out of date and the codes long-since disabled.

That was one of the short term access codes just before the launch of Sunless Sea I guess the wiki hasn’t been updated yet.

I don’t know if there will be another way to get a Soothe & Cooper Long Box in Fallen London before next Christmas but you can get them in Sunless Sea to start that story.
edited by reveurciel on 3/5/2015