Potential Bug: Soulless and Intimate of Devils

So I sold my soul to get rid of those damnable intimate of devils cards, I figure i’ll get it back eventually or tire of being soulless and pay the fate cost. But I have accidentally regained the intimate of devils quality through the House of Chimes. While I have yet to receive any cards from the devils, my fear is that they will reappear because of this once I regain my soul.

Don’t worry, there is a card that will turn up while you are soulless. That is an opportunity to rid yourself of Intimate of Devils.

When you conclude the Intimate of Devils storyline you don’t lose the quality, it increases to 20. Is it lower than 20 now?

I sold my soul using the city vices story card, “What Profit?” I then got a card saying I had lost my intimate of devils quality since the devil was heartbroken I’d sold my soul to someone else. Then I went to the House of Chimes and clicked on “Take Brandy with a Devil” so now my intimate of devils quality is 1 once again.

As long as you are soulless that card will turn up again. Of course as you have discovered it is possible to start the intimate of devils storylet again.

Ah, I misunderstood. Yeah, that card should turn up again, though keep in mind that when you get your soul back you’ll still get the first card in the Intimate of Devils storyline.

Damn. I was hoping selling my soul woul just get rid of them permanently. Oh well. Still got a nice chunk of cash and got to a explore a storylet.

If you sell your soul to the Intimate Devils you’ll be free of the cards forever. Otherwise you’re stuck with them, though you can eliminate your Hell connection as a temporary fix. You won’t draw the first card if you don’t have enough Connected:Hell.