Post-Ambitions Feedback

Your thoughts, most memorable impressions, fulfilled/failed expectations, etc.

(Hic sunt spoilers.)

I was a huge fan of the ambition. I had most of what I needed going in (And I believe myself to be the first person to complete the ambition). I enjoyed every moment of it.

The writing was absolutely exquisite, evoking all kinds of emotions, the choices were interesting, the lore drops were amazing, plus the final reward is just plain fun.

My disappointments are short, but should be expressed anyway
-The Mnemonic Bat should have been a pet. Seriously, a bat linked to your memories and to Lilac? Come on!
-The absolutely astronomical resource cost (aka knifegate) was a bit much. I had saved up a lot, so I could just dump onto it, but other players will hit a hard barrier once they reach this stage. As someone who completed it, I’d be entirely okay with them lowering the price for future players.
-Some of the choices felt a little Hollow. At one point you’re giving a choice to free or kill something, and I’d like to see something come of that.

I haven’t played this but I’m going to guess half this thread just becomes a combination of d–n and bats

So, Nemesis.

That brief overview before the final parts was a good idea. But what I really liked was the conclusion (the choice of our answer to LiL): a great chance to sum up the story once again (in a whole different way) and to reflect on what it means for us and our characters.

Writing: delightful. And what a nice touch of classic-gothic-novel stuff! Vengeful spirits, antique collections, ruined aristocratic families, cemeteries and candlelit rites add so much flavour to a grim tale of revenge.
(And oh, it got dark, indeed. Unexpectedly… graphic – in a right way, though. Still, makes me wonder what awaits us in Light Fingers then! :twitch: )

Mechanics: well, seems like RNG was the real nemesis for a lot of players. Three whole levels of it: drawing the card + passing the 50% luck challenge + getting a rare success. A bit too harsh. Even the knives are better in this sense (after the fix, of course).
I’d definitely prefer an optional alternative choice – something expensive but more reliable.

(I am so concerned about this because my main Ambition is Heart’s Desire, and gambling implies RNG involvement by default. There will be much more at stake than several thousands of Echoes and card-grinding time, so the risk should be avoidable or at least not depriving us of choices.)

Rewards: the items may seem not so impressive, however, the card and the monthly storylet are valuable reminders of our accomplishment. (Which is a reward on its own! Thank you, FBG )

You know, as a fellow Marvellous player I wondered about the possible mechanics for the game itself, but given that this will be the conclusion of an Ambition, I’m sure that FBG won’t make the ending (wholly) dependent on a 10% luck challange. I’d personally guess that we’ll have a &quotgauntlet&quot of choices on how to trick or mess with our opponents (say, we know a certain Cheery Gentleman is playing to get his former lover back, maybe if we tell he’s no longer desired, he’ll be thrown off balance).

As for Nemesis, here’s an outside perspective (since I haven’t played any Ambition other than Heart’s Desire): I understand how the luck requirement may feel rough and the cost of 777 knives may look ludicrous, but I personally hope Heart’s Desire has parts like these as well. The way I see it, this is the last stretch of the journey and it seems fitting that our characters would get obsessed to the point of considering such material requirements as just &quotinconveniences&quot in the way.

All in all, looking at everyone’s reactions, I’m really hyped for what’s to come!

Actually, I would gladly give up my own victory for his… and the same is true for at least two more opponents :)

But I want to be able to make those insane choices myself (or to influence the outcome in some way), not leaving it at the mercy of pure luck.

I was wondering as I played out the conclusion how FBG would manage to make any ending worth a 10-year wait.

Now I know.

I have no significant criticisms. Yeah, there were a few typos (one of which I remembered for long enough to write the Help Desk about) but nothing that endangered my enjoyment of the game.

I am eager to see what the monthly reminder will be, and my Lover’s &quotcard.&quot And I wonder if I will have the opportunity to restore my Lover’s memory during this year’s Feast of the Exceptional Rose!
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To increase visibility a bit: I just received Time the Healer, and it hadn’t decrease my (supposedly timer?) Ambition: Consequences, it’s still ‘In two more weeks, you can collect a reward at your lodgings’

Anyone got it AFTER the great conclusion and BEFORE today? To diagnose/narrow possible bug.
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[quote=Kharsirr Lynx]To increase visibility a bit: I just received Time the Healer, and it hadn’t decrease my (supposedly timer?) Ambition: Consequences, it’s still ‘In two more weeks, you can collect a reward at your lodgings’

Anyone got it AFTER the great conclusion and BEFORE today? To diagnose/narrow possible bug.
edited by Kharsirr Lynx on 1/31/2020[/quote]I have a feeling that the job responsible to track the reward is another one rather than TtH’s.

Probably… and I have no saved message to firmly confirm, but I remember that Time the Healer was stated explicitly. Just a memory, on the edge of being sure.

It’s possible that the timer functions on its own, while Time the Healer merely checks the timer…

Personally, having completed one ambition, I kinda wish I had the option of doing the other three as well. Just to, like, cherry tap the Neath.

Also, I know it’s way beyond the scope of the game, but I want to try to overthrow the Masters. Like, my character has done a lot of wild stuff by this point. There’s a little voice in my head that says I might as well find a few more wells and make some new friends for Mr Eaten.

Heart’s Desire, finally!

I had several versions of what my wish could be; I had almost no expectations that they will be fulfilled, since it’s an impossible task to take them all, even the most common ones, into account. Even the given options such as &quottime&quot or &quotpower&quot mean entirely different things for different people, don’t they?

But I can say with certainty that I got my heart’s desire: an unforgettable experience and a wonderful story.

The finale had so many memorable moments – from genuinely heartbreaking and nearly moving my usually-unimpressed self to tears (the Monkey’s final stake, the Manager’s emotional breakdown…) to thrilling or hilarious (that &quothe’s become attached&quot after the standart text absolutely made my day). A true rollercoaster.

To boot, it showered me with all my favourite things that I’ve thirsted for: Arbor, the Calendar Council (August and October in a row!), the Merry Gentleman side of that multifaceted absolute diamond of a character, Mrs Plenty’s past… Honestly, I’m more satisfied than I could dream to be.

However, there is one thing that still bothers me: what’s the deal with the Stone-Tentacle Key? Sometimes it’s good to have an unresolved mystery, but this one feels more like a Chekhov’s gun that failed to fire.

Unlike with Nemesis, I have no complaints about mechanics: the structure is neatly arranged, it’s always clear where to go and what to do, the grind is minimal (for a middle/late-game player). And, most importantly, no luck checks for gambling, hallelujah!

This Ambition is perhaps the most character-centric, and, by my troth, its characters are splendid. Well-thought-out, well-written and empathisable (…I don’t actually know if it’s a proper word, being lost between three languages here, so let’s just blame it on Mr Pages).

First of all, I loved how the finale reminded us that they have dark sides.
That the Bishop is a face-stealing snuffer (this part was particularly deliciously creepy).
That the Manager is an ancient cunning counterpower with all the unpredictability of a Byronic archetype (and it’s not even the ability to mess with people’s minds that makes him dangerous; it’s his utter despair, of a kind that can make one do anything).
That the Topsy King is, well, the king of thieves (oh, FBG, you do know how to make players’ hearts jump).
It makes such a beautiful rich contrast to their better, higher motifs: faith and hope, love and devotion, creativity and inspiration…

Second: the training! What a nice addition. Not only it feels like a heartwarming reconciliation with our recent rivals, it is also an important message: we can learn from that which opposes us, from all kinds of persons and circumstances, from failures no less than achievements.
(Not to mention that one of the options also seems like something straight out of one of my favourite books by Italo Calvino, and I am a huge fan of subtle literary references, whether intentional or not.)

A-a-and I can’t tame my professional side any longer: the self-reflecting narrative, my preciousss! I’m talking about the names of card combinations, of course. Sweet.

At that point, does the game play itself? Does the game play you?
I’ll leave these rhetorical questions to you, fellow players; players not only of the Marvellous but of Fallen London.

And once again (and always), thank you, FBG!

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I’ve played through all of the various Ambitions, so this is my feedback:

Nemesis: I have the most complaints in regards to this Ambition, with it initially blocking off progress based on a very luck-dependent item and lumping all of the costs on one single action. I also would suggest that the Book of Red Murder, the violant bat, and possibly the optional visit to the Mind of a Long-Dead God be considered items for the benefit of this Ambition.

Bag a Legend: No major complaints, except that it initially had a glitch that kicked players out of Mr Veils Workshop if you bite Mr Fires (which has been fixed, thank you very much) and that there be an additional option for transferring the Curved Talon Absinthe, as it is either through Fate or through Vial of Tears, which may be frustrating to other players.

Light Fingers: No complaints, except that the consequences of the hybrid diet (humanity and moon-miser) be sign-posted more. I would also like for the stats of the item Lyon Pursuivant of Arms Extraordinary to be modified to include one of the new qualities (Mithridacy, Artisan of Red Science, Shapeling Arts, Player of Chess, etc.) so that it is more balanced when compared with its opposing item, the Tatterskin Shawl.

Heart’s Desire: The entire Ambition conclusion by providing options for both casual and hardcore players (with many great rewards), but many have expressed animosity with the potential fate of the Monkey should the player win the game. I suggest that a disclaimer when deciding this option, like &quotThe Monkey is Doomed Should You Continue to Win the Game, and the Marvellous will continue as planned&quot in bold will help players understand the ramifications of what they are doing.

Overall, it is good to finally see the conclusion of stories a decade in the making, and I hope that Fallen London reaches its 20-year anniversary in due time.

I do wish Nemesis had more items with it. You just get your Fallen companion or a master’s cloak. The qualities you get from visiting the long dead god and the marshes don’t show up and have no use yet. Same with dealing with Mr. Mirrors. Hopefully they unlock something later on, but something makes me doubt it.
I still loved my ambition though!
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[quote=JaneAnkhVeos]Heart’s Desire, finally!

However, there is one thing that still bothers me: what’s the deal with the Stone-Tentacle Key? Sometimes it’s good to have an unresolved mystery, but this one feels more like a Chekhov’s gun that failed to fire. <snip> [/quote]

There was a Stone Tentacle Key in Heart’s Desire too? Wow. I wonder if that’s true of all the ambitions?

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Yep. Only in HD and Nemesis, if I’m not mistaken.