Possible to play with older version?

Hey guys,

After having checked out videos of Sunless Sea on youtube I decided to go ahead and buy the game. Part of what intrigued me, apart from the great atmosphere and roguelike aspects, was the turn-based combat. My quest is the following: is it possible for me to somehow go back to the turn based combat? I find it to be a lot more enjoyable. Since there doesn’t seem to be an option to toggle this on or off, is it possible to use an outdated version of the game so I can enjoy turn-based combat?


I don’t believe so. They scrapped it last year because we found it to be rather boring. I liked it, don’t get me wrong, but I prefer the real time combat now

to be honest, the turn based combat made everything rely on your stats, you couldn’t hide behind things or plan ambushes in advance, I don’t miss it for certain, but I’m interested, what did you prefer about it?

Simple answer: no. There is no toggle, and you won’t be able to get an old version (and you’d miss out on a ton of stories, bug fixes etc. if you did). Sorry.

I quite liked the turn-based combat tbh, and I used to hate the real-time, but they’ve improved it since they released it. Also, it’s not worth going back to it even if you could. As Babel said, you’d miss out on a LOT of content.