Possible reset date of Marriage of Feducci?

hello. Will we be able to reset the recent Christmas story about Feducci’s wedding for Fate? And if so, then do we know when it’ll be available? Thanks!
edited by IHNIWTR on 12/27/2017

I can reset The Gift and The Empress Shadow for 30 Fate, so I guess it will be possible. I don’t know when the story will move to the Fate page though (as that’s the only place you can reset stories)

Is there any other discussion of this story on the forum? I’ve just completed it and have a feeling I must have missed several things, as I got nothing like value for the Fate.

The Marriage of Feducci story is already available for sale on the Fate tab. Be prepared to do a lot of scrolling to find it, though; there’s a lot of stories there

You want this thread.

Ctrl+F is your guide in the dreaded Fate page.