Possible problem with The Sea of Voices (spoilers)

So I just put together my Screaming Map and set out to zee. I just arrived, and the top bar says “Welcome to the sea of voices”, but the opportunities and storylets all look like what I would get if I was still on the Broad Zee. I’ve enclosed a picture.

Is there something I did wrong, or have I encountered some kind of bug?
edited by GG Crono on 3/19/2012

That’s not a bug - as far as I can tell - it’s a feature.

Note that the storylets are worded differently. It’s just subtle. And you’ll get unique Opportunities soon.

However, if you’re really concerned you can email FBG to file a bug report.

If you’re familiar with the Unterzee at all, you’ll know that the card that you’re highlighting is not one that you’ll have seen before. Be patient and see how things work out.

Ah. I was so excited to have new content to explore that I panicked a little when I thought something had gone wrong. :)