Possible improvements found in HOMD

The house of many doors is a game with Lots of similarites to sunless seas and skies. Having played it A LOT during the last week I’ve noticed somethings that this game does better then it’s daddy.

  1. Pages and Fragments. In Sunless seas pages in hands down the hardest stat to raise at the same time it only actually get you a secret faster in a few edges until you get it too level 100 as any fragments that go over are simply gone, which is very frustrating at times.

In house of many Doors you directly spend the fragments equivalent for stat ups (and a few other things) so none of them disappear. Raises the pages expy makes it so you get them fasters, to a level that’s arguably overpowered at end game.

  1. Several part stories for many of the rubbish officers. More stories are always better and this gets players engaged from the very start.

  2. The current quests logs it just much much more convenient.

4.Quests you can do in place a shows on the map along with anything you have to get. This is handy ever if it does remove some of the excitement of exploration

  1. Options with ships/ monsters other then kill it or ignore it. It seems there doing something with that for skies.

  2. The ability to talk with agents to find out where ports are.

  3. Random investigable things on the map (that was no for the submariner expansion so it’ll probably be in skies)

  4. Named but still expendable lower deck crew. This adds a little punch to the times you get your crew killed (or worse).

  5. A fast travel option. I would but this more under different then better as limping home 9/10th mad made mostly starved, having burn all your clothes for fuel and resorted to cannibalism is a central themes of the games. Although it wouldn’t inflict narrative damage in the late came when getting home is a chore rather then a quest.

  6. Boarding is exactly possible, but useless.

I’d noticed the game and was considering making a post on it, but that won’t be necessary now that you’ve called it to attention.

It certainly seems like an interesting game, doesn’t it?

One thing I missed. All the shops have a little snippet of lore next to each item you can buy and/or sell.

wow, thanks for informing me this game exists.

This will do to scratch the itch until sunless skies arrives

Welp, maybe longer.
I want to sincerely thank you again for this, House of Many Doors is amazing, its like sunless sea version 1.5. Bigger, and improved in many ways, though a little rough around the edges

I’m shocked i missed this game. And more shocked to find out that everyone else did too, it seems sales have been disappointing and HOMD hasn’t gotten the attention it deserved, that is lamentable and should change.

Since the developer is quite affiliated with Failbetter, it would be great to have a HOMD subforum here. For example, in this section: http://i.imgur.com/KIjuGEk.png