Possible bugs

I’m a relative newbie: on my second captain and have done a few forays across the map. I noticed a few things that may be bugs?

  1. When I attack and destroy a beastie, if there are other beasties within the range of my weapons, I often am unable to get a firing solution for them at all until I run away and leave the battle state, then re-engage.

  2. My zee-bat sometimes gives me island locations that end up being a stretch of empty ocean. I wonder if this is because I elected to keep my map when I respawned?

  3. I thought a return to London was supposed to reduce Terror to 50. It’s not working; am I doing something wrong?

  1. You need to hit tab or click on the new target in order to select a new target.

  2. Could you give a screenshot or a more detailed description of this?

  3. If you go through the Returning to London event, which requires that Something Awaits You In Port, your Terror resets to 50 and your Nightmare’s Strength increases. If you dock at London before anything awaits you in port, that won’t happen.

Are you referring to the directions the zee-bat gives you, or to the place it marks on the map? Because the former can be way off if you are moving. (I think they are relative to the original orientation of the ship or something.)
edited by Olorin on 2/14/2015

I can answer #3: You need to enter London while you have the “Something Awaits You in Port” quality. If you don’t have that loiter outside London until it shows up then enter.

The map markings. Sometimes I get to a marked location and there’s nothing there, or the marker is in an inaccessible part of an island. When I get time, I’ll try to get back into the game to find a specific example and screenshot it.

Thanks everyone for the help with the other questions!

#2 sometimes it’s telling you about Island chains with no ports. So just something to discover. But there are also a couple of places its a bit off with the marker.