Possibel to Farm 20 Fate a Month?

Hey Guy’s,

i did google already and im new to the Game. But is it possibel to get 20 Fate a Month?



Nex is purchased with money. Sometimes you’ll get free Fate, but it’s not something you can readily acquire in the game.

Fate can’t be farmed at all. There are occasions when you can get a point or two of fate, usually at the end of long story arcs, but none of them are repeatable and we’re talking one or two points. There might be twenty fate points to be gotten, but I’m not sure if there’s even that much.

There is one that is repeatable, but it is very slow and only gives a single point of Fate. I don’t think you could reliably complete it 20 times per month.

Even if you could that’s a surefire way of getting that source eliminated.

I can’t think what that repeatable fate option would be. Can you tell me?

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As 20 Fate is only around £3 or $5 I don’t think that is unreasonable for how much fun I have in Fallen London on a monthly basis.

[quote=lady ciel ]PM sent.

As 20 Fate is only around £3 or $5 I don’t think that is unreasonable for how much fun I have in Fallen London on a monthly basis.[/quote]

So agreed!

There’s a reason that I gave no details on how to go about it.

And no, I don’t use it myself. I completed the route once for the enjoyable story and had no desire to repeat the process.

Grind The Wall

Exceptional Friendship is not necessary for any part of the game. It accelerates the process of grinding significantly, but Failbetter has stated in the past that they’re trying to move away from grinding as much as is possible. It does unlock the House of Chimes, which has a few entertaining stories in it, but otherwise does not provide anything particularly valuable.

If you want the extra actions and the stories, I strongly suggest that you go without your morning coffee for a day and spend the $5 on Nex. Payments of Nex help Failbetter continue to support the game, which, in turn, will allow you to continue playing it. There are no reliable ways to grind Fate in-game that I am aware of; Mordaine Barimen’s method is a mystery to me.

Now I’m really curious. I can’t think of anything repeatable which brings Fate - no matter how difficult and long to repeat. I’d appreciate a PM with a hint if someone is so inclined.

This is just curiosity - I have no intention of pursuing such methods and I’ve often bought Nex gladly.

There used to be ways to do surveys and offers to get fate without spending money, but the surveys only worked once in a blue moon and most of the offers were “install this spyware onto your computer!” so they were removed. The only safe ones were “watch this advertisement for 1 fate” ones that only came up very rarely. I do kinda miss the advertisement options, but the rest were way too sketchy.

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That option is technically repeatable, but I don’t think anyone will want to redo it and not spend time playing the more rewarding (Echo and lore-wise) stories.

Inform me about this repeatable fate source please? PM wll be appreciated! )

The surveys only pop up for new players, now, as far as I’m aware.

[color=#C2B280]There was a way to gain Fate repeatedly in the Shuttered Palace, although it required days of play for each point. We’ve removed it.

This is not because of cupidity. Its presence is a temptation to scripting, and we feel that the branch in question is its own reward.[/color]