POSI Prison

Okay so… what happens if, hypothetically, I never went back to Newgate before becoming a POSI, and now I don’t have the Repentant Forger contact? I know as a POSI you’re supposed to avoid prison at all costs but like… do I just go the whole game without that contact now?

Not at all! You can go to prison without having it added to your criminal record by failing to rob the Brass Embassy.

It’s what I’ve always done :grin:


Whoah! Great, thanks!!!

…who the Yisun is the Repentant Forger? asking as a POSI.

Do you ever play the card A Visit? He’s one of the options.

(He also has some other uses elsewhere like in your laboratory I believe.)

I do know that card, but I usually just go to the singer.

The Wry Functionary is worth getting acquaintance to 3 on if you haven’t unlocked your newspaper yet, but yeah me too haha.


While it’s still better to go directly to jail through the Brass Embassy, the PoSI penalties for getting arrested were greatly reduced in a July patch:

Being arrested after gaining some Criminal Record is now much less punishing.
No longer reduces Casing, Favours, or Notability.
No longer reduces Rostygold.
In London, being arrested at max Criminal Record now takes 10% of your Echoes, capped at 70e, and reduces Suspicion by up to 10 change points based on the amount of Echoes consumed.
In the Upper River, does the same with scrip, capped at 140 scrip.


When did this happen? July 2023?

I might have used this option during a heist gone wrong, I bribed the judge using my relationship with the Masters to escape jail. It happened last year though.

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