PoSI Looking To Be Adopted By A Patron?

So, delicious friends. I have done something a bit silly. A couple weeks ago, I posted in the Protégés Seeking Patrons thread (here). Since then, I’ve reached PoSI and found that I can no longer view the Seek A Patron option from my Lodgings. My question is, now that I can no longer seek out a patron, am I still eligible to be adopted by a patron?

If any of your basic stats is below 100 when unmodified, then - yes.
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[quote=Andrew Astherson]If any of your basic stats is below 100 when unmodified, then - yes.
edited by Andrew Astherson on 9/17/2015[/quote]
Thank you! That’s good to know. Currently, both my Shadowy and Dangerous are still below 100. Are there any social actions still available for Patrons/Proteges once the relevant base stat has reached 100, or is that the limit?

As far as I know - no. Still, such state of social interaction may be preserved for social/RP reasons.

You can keep your Patron until the stat they are helping you with reaches ~125 if you use the Talkative Rat to reduce your stats long enough for them to send and you to accept a lesson. Anything above 100 though (in that one stat), and you won’t appear on the drop-down list.

I don’t think the Talkative Rat helps anymore. As far as I’m aware it’s the base stat that determines whether you can still benefit.

If that has been changed, it is very recent, like within the last week or so. I will report back as soon as Time delivers me some more Free Evenings in a few hours.

ETA: Mr Chatty McRatty is indeed still effective! Good thing too… he needs to earn his keep to make up for all the incessant yammering.
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Ah, if it’s within the last week or so then I’m probably mistaken. I thought they were changed around the time Training Professions were changed.

Edit: Yep, thought so. :) My mistake!

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