PoSI: Destiny or More Grinding

Hi fellas

Thanks to some grinding, I now have shadowy 100.
Is it beneficial to use 10 fate to get through the visits? Or should I raise all stats to 100 before advancing? Thanks!

Most checks for PoSI demand checks much higher then 100. So, if you will grind these stats anyway, why spend fate?

Well, I only spent Fate once (to avoid a problematic Shadowy grind), and I’ve found that taking that option gives you a closer look at the character of the Ambitious Barrister, as well as a unique quality “Entangled in the Legal Profession.” It doesn’t seem to be used for anything yet, though.

I am currently moving along the becoming a PoSI storyline as well. Eventually you will need things beyond just stat levels to become a PoSI, (Master Thief or Memento of Passion or Featuring in Tales of the University 25 or Duelist + Gentle Hunter) Getting those attributes will grind your stats up quite a bit in the process.
I recommend just hanging out in and completing the quest-lines in the University, Wolfstack Docks, Court, or the Flit (I have gained about ten levels of Watchful just completing the University Content, without any grinding).
At about level 70 or so in each you can boost up with equipment to clear the challenge as well, if you are feeling impatient.

Also, skipping through the requirements with fate costs ten Fate each time (I think), so it ends up being something like 40 to 60 Fate to clear all the requirements, which would be better spent on actual content.

The qualities required later basically amount to having done everything interesting for a non-POSI in one of the four stats, so it’s not unreasonable for the other three to remain lower if one weren’t pursuing their stories.

That said, while I think the advantages of becoming a POSI outweigh the disadvantages such that I’d recommend advancing as soon as you’re eligible, I wouldn’t spend Fate just to get there faster. There’s a lot of good content to enjoy while raising your other stats to be able to reach 100 (with equipment), so I’d go hunt some monsters, flirt with some people, and maybe explore the Forgotten Quarter, or whatever it is you haven’t done yet.