Portfolio of Souls - a new option?

The tooltip on a Portfolio of Souls now says that there is a way to obtain them in the 4th Coil of the Labyrinth of Tigers! Anyone had any luck finding out how? I don’t see anything new appearing in my options, but I have not yet tried breeding a beast (am loathe to start sacrificing any of my arduously-gathered Neathymon collection) to see if the new option turns up there.

Interestingly, the Portfolio tooltip also insinuates that it might be suitable for wooing a certain Deviless of few words… (which makes me simultaneously excited and annoyed, as I’d been holding out hope for my favourite Louche Devil to become romantically available, but I assume we will only have one infernal love interest possible. Hmph.)

A Collection of Curiosities description also mentions that it may be needed to acquire a Sporting Faeton, and did so since day one, but there is not a single Sporting Faeton to be found in the Neath…

It is indeed possible to obtain a Portfolio deep in the Coils of the Labyrinth. In fact, you get two at once. However, this is not a good method of obtaining them, as it’s very expensive and cannot be repeated in a hurry. It’s easier to just buy the damned things in the Sidestreets.