Portents of the Deep [minor spoilers]

At the Gant Pole, the Fading Haruspex finds answers in dying flesh. Of course, these answers are all meaningful. I’ve compiled all the possible outcomes here, alongside what they relate to. There are a few I’m not sure about so any insights would be appreciated.

The Seven against Nidah

  • &quotThey were seven and they shall be seven again. Their names may change but the number remains.&quot[/li][li]&quotThe names of the heirs to Nidah will begin with M, A, R, I - which is rebellion.&quot Rosina isn’t one of the required members and Mariam is replaced by the player, so this isn’t technically accurate. Sounds better than anything with A, B, E, and I.[/li][li]&quotThey yearn for it: Liberty, Equality, Eternity.&quot[/li][li]&quotThey are only mortal. They suffer too: Vitality, Infirmity, Fatality.&quot[/li][li]&quotThe Soldier fled, and smothered himself in freedom.&quot This refers to Batuk.[/li][li]&quotThe one they fear waits in a pale cavern. The walls are carved with prophecies.&quot This seems to refer to Mariam.
  • &quotThe wound reopens; the flesh will not heal. Bring them your remorse.&quot
  • &quotBeware Anthe. It will change you. You will be sharp, keen as a knife’s edge.&quot
  • &quotThe preacher travels to the bell tower. The bell, it- Oh god. That’s horrid.&quot
  • &quotFreedom is fragile. The beast will wake.&quot This seems to refer to a storyline from an older version of Nook, removed because it involved characters actually talking.[/li][li]&quotThe Salted will rise above the waves. They will find only their graves.&quot Nook is the only place referring to the Salted, but it’s not clear to me exactly what they are.
  • &quotThere is a question waiting. It travelled in a ship long wreck’d. Find it.&quot This seems to refer to the currently-unimplemented Cargo of Answers content.
  • &quotWheels turn within wheels; a king yearns for your hand.&quot This refers to the tether-tastings content.[/li][li]&quotThere shall be a new horizon. All shall know it - but the king’s city will witness it first.&quot This seems to refer to Sunless Skies - thus &quotall shall know it&quot - which has some teaser content in Wrack.
  • &quotOne joins us below. The trespasser does not surface.&quot This seems to be for a ship sinking.[/li][li]&quotA question will not go unanswered indefinitely.&quot This can be read as both about the Haruspex’s own storyline and SMEN.[/li][li]&quotAn ancient beast wakes when the trespasser’s light pierces the abyss. The trespasser shall never know peace; only terror.&quot The Eye.
  • &quotThe beast is tethered - but not forever. Refuge comes to London.&quot Refuge and the beast both sound like Hideaway, but it’s not clear to me.[/li][li]&quotBeneath the waves, two cities live. They grow. They hunger.&quot It’s not clear which cities this refers to, if any of the Zubmariner ports. Possible contenders include Aigul, Nook, Wrack, and Hideaway but none quite fit.[/li][li]&quotThe dream is great and ancient. It is fuelled by deeds of horror; none will have strength to deny it.&quot Nook features a great and ancient dream, but that doesn’t fit the second part.

edited by Optimatum on 10/20/2016

Is there actually quest line in Nook about the beast awakening? I found an option in the gullet diving to share a memory with it, but nothing else ever came of it. Now I wonder if there might have been things to do other than diving for random treasures.

There’s a whole questline in the game files for Nook, initiated at Port Cecil. I can’t tell what the requirements there are or if it’s actually possible at the moment.

I really need to get myself a proper JSON viewer.

Alright, I read over the whole questline and it seems to be an older version of Nook. A lot of the details don’t match how Nook is described in the current version, like people actually talking.