Port Cecil Chess

First time I was in port Cecil I was able to play chess there and I got to Chess competion 2 in Jurnal. But after that with my other visits I have always option to play chess locked. There is only icon something awaits you in port and I have other option that need this open. Is it bug or did I miss something?

Chess at Port Cecil doesn’t appear every time. It likely depends on the exact value of Something Awaits You, but I don’t think anyone other than the developers knows exactly how.

It’s a little confusing, because (if I understand it correctly) the icon appears lit up if you have -any- level of Something Awaits You, but it’s only actually playable at certain levels.

Well I had no idea that there are different levels of something awaits you. And yes, it is little confusing, because I see this option there each time I visit Port Cecil and icon is lit up.

Also if you can play chess you can play chess as much as you want - if you keep winning.
I was there and I played chess 4 times in a row, and the option was unlit only when I lost.

It seems to lock very, very easily, BUT! if you don’t go back to London or save and load the game, you can play as much as you want. Just keep playing until you lose, then undock and wait for SAY to recharge. Repeat until your Pages is capped and you have a nice pile of secrets.

[color=#009900]This is due to a tear in the veil which separates nightmares-of-sound from nightmares-of-touch. We will be repairing this tear in an upcoming patch, if the Leapers don’t get us first.[/color]

I see it so rarely that I don’t know if I am just unlucky or if I am permanently barred because of a long winning streak last time I played. At least I presume there is a cap. Thankfully I can still raise my pages on a specific storylet when I am lucky enough to see it and I have the relevant quality :)

What storylet is that, pray tell? My n00b character just got to play Chess for the first time, but my long-running char has Pages WAY below any other stat - and none of the officers appear to increase it! :-(
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You need Salt’s attention (The House of the Question and sometimes picking up new crew members) and then hope to get the storylet which lets you use it. There are just so many options when you get that one and it doesn’t turn up very often. Some of the options reduce terror and all the God ones raise various stats.

Ah well. I shall hope for the n00b, but the seasoned Zee-captain is a devout atheist and has spat on the altar in Whither…

So I, ahem tested to see how far this chess thing goes…

[spoiler]I’ve got a Principled Competition of 22 now, and got 22 more Pages as a result, before I started feeling really guilty.

It really will just let you play and play and play and play…but seemingly not without consequences…If you’ve got Pages 80+, you can go milk that storylet for all its worth when you happen on it.[/spoiler]
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Eh, I did some experimenting as well and ended up with…

Pages capped at 110, 220 Principled Competition,70 Secrets, over 2000 Fragments, and a sudden swell of guilt.

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I’ve seen the chess option open twice. I lost the first time, then didn’t see it for ages, then managed to win one game a second time before losing. Haven’t seen it since. I hope whatever fix Alexis is talking about makes it come up a little more frequently! :) Slightly jealous of those who have managed a winning streak. :p

Has anyone managed to figure out hot to unlock chess? I got the option twice, managed to score 1 victory each time (so it wasn’t an entirely wasted opportunity :P) but since, then, no matter how long I stay on the sea, with the SAY icon showing, the chess option is not available.

A few minutes ago, I reached Port Cecil after hunting bats to lower my terror from 41 to 0 and then hunted some more to stock up on provisions, and I was hoping to get some time on the chessboard, but no luck.

We got to wait for the fix, which will also nerf it I fear, as for now is just luck that give you the exact value of Something Awaits you in Port that unlocks chess.
I still haven’t got it a second time.

Thank you for the reply :)

I have no clue how many times I’ve played chess, but it was enough to raise pages to 110. After pages reached 101 I couldn’t lose anymore. I hope that when they change the chess competition, they make it so that when you reach the principled competition cap you get a special reward for being the supreme chess master. It seems only right.