Por Una Cabeza - Where do I find it??

I am completely stumped about how to proceed. I’m on the first event and don’t know how to proceed. Neither of the locations - central and villa - have a way that’s providing ways to progress. Am I missing a location? I would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. Thank you!

I’m doing that ES myself at the moment, and I have the Villa Vilar in Ladybones and the first stage of the race in Veilgarden. Hope that helps.
edited by Meradine Heidenreich on 12/18/2021

Thanks, Maradine. I’ve got those two places as well, but I’m not finding any options in either to move forward with snooping, etc.

I’ll get back to you later today to see what I’ve got. It may also be worth your while to check the longer thread on here with the original discussion. Those sometimes show where people got stuck and how they were able to proceed.

Sending you a personal message to avoid spoilers.

Thank you! You helped lot. I am somehow at 14 without having done the previous levels. Now it makes sense that I’m lost! I will email FL support.

Take care!