Pop-up Ads Abound!

Has anybody else been experiencing this? I play on a google Chromebook, so it can’t be that my OS is infected with any kind of malware, but ever since disabling AdBlocker for the site, I’ve been getting ad-pages opening a separate tab just about every time I sign in, or when I click an op card or my messages tab when I reopen the tab after a few hours break or whatever. It seems particularly galling that the scoundrels reference storynexus directly, as I’m sure our gracious hosts have nothing to do with this!

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I’ve never had adblocker on my computer (PC, not chromebook, though) - and I’ve tested Firefox, Chrome and IE. None have this.

Looks like it’s definitely something your end. Chromebooks are secure, but not immune (says google, I have no knowledge myself). Seen this thread?: Google Product Forums

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This pop-up ads do look like malware on a computer, someone on that thread just mentioned them having it.
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Thankyou both for that. Just cleared all sync data as the thread suggested, so we’ll see if that does it.

EDITED TO ADD: So far so good. That seems to have cleared it up entirely. A number of the commenters on those threads stressed that this was a bit of a nuclear option, if anybody else here finds themselves in a similar situation. But having done it, I can’t really spot any unwanted blow-back or side effects.
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