I want to journey to Polythreme to continue the story of my Ambition. What are the main qualities I need there?

Polythreme is a strange place. All main qualities are useful, but much of your success will depend careful planning and the whims of fortune. You might find it useful to be very Persuasive and/or Shadowy, however.

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That was very helpful! I’ve been to Polythreme, and have a clothes colony and unfinished hat, but missed other possibilities.

Polythreme is worth a revisit. If you do things right, it can be one of the most lucrative places to be.

Wow… that’s extremely useful, Urthdigger! Thank you very very much!

But what’s considered a high enough stat? 100? 120? 130? I don’t want to go there just to find out all the challenges are almost impossible…

Around 130. It’s entirely possible to do content there without that though. You only need stats for the special unlocked cards. With a little luck (especially if you used the safe bet cards), you could hit 12 in whichever quality and proceed.

Thanks! :)

How does one get to/unlock Polythreme? I haven’t played in a while, and I think I may have missed it or just haven’t found the storylet, but I’m being summoned there for Ambition purposes. Any help is appreciated!

You will need a Screaming Map. You can begin the process of acquiring one at the Docks.

You will need a Screaming Map. You can begin the process of acquiring one at the Docks.[/quote]

You don’t need a Screaming Map to take the Tramp Steamer from Wolfstack Docks, but using your own ship is cheaper, faster, and more rewarding (in terms of points in Experienced Zailor). There’s a story there that you don’t get otherwise, so it’s worth doing once (or twice, if you want to pursue romantic-ish options of both genders).

I tried taking my own ship but wasn’t able to put together a screaming map. I put together a lot of partial maps, but couldn’t find the option to put them together (if that’s the way it works at all). I just boarded the tramp steamer, so I’ll get there afterall! Thanks for the advice, folks.

short version is the map storyline starts with a card unlock and then you gain 2 halves at the docks.


enjoy your trip though :)

A very informative post. Thanks a bunch.

However, I want to add one crucial bit of information - maybe it’s changed since this posting (it’s quite a while ago… cough cough)

&quotThe Priest at the Temple&quot and &quotThe Ruin&quot. These have a 50% chance of giving you +15 CP of fascinating or Investigating, respectively, or only 1-2 on a failure. They also have an option to trade ALL of your quality (If it’s 8+) for 60 romantic notions. Something nice about these cards, however, is that if you want both qualities, these are one of the few ways to raise one quality without damaging the other.

This is not entirely true. Both cards do damage your other property on failure (at least today that’s the way they work).
Here’s an example of how they work:

Success One heart

I hope the WiKi will forgive me quoting their stuff.

Anyways - I found this important enough to notice to add another post to this very informative thread.