(POLL) Restore Actions Nex Cost

Subscribing was the first thing I did (and I will definitely keep that going), and I do spend Nex on Storylets regularly to graciously enjoy the extra content, and to show my overall appreciation as well.
Although I have found myself tempted at times, I have resisted the urge to spend Nex on Actions because I feel it is simply not enough bang for my buck.

This Poll is to compare notes with other players.

I think had I not explored as much of the content as I have, I’d be inclined to restore once in a while. Now I’m all about fate for locked story options, extra storylines, and, occasionally, exceptional friendship.

Thus far, I’ve mostly used my Fate for Exceptional Friendship and the Soul Trade. While the thought of buying actions has tempted me once or twice (generally when nearing the close of a storylet), I’ve balanced that desire with the notion that waiting makes the journey more enjoyable.

I will note, however, that I’ve also twice used Fate to buy my way out of 9+ Nightmares while farming the Forgotten Quarter for Eyeless Skulls. I enjoy the Mirror-Marshes from time to time, but knocking down 44 cp of Nightmares AND getting diamonds for my future Zubmarine is occasionally a deal I can’t deny myself.

I’m also comforted by the fact that, regardless of how I spend my Fate, it helps support an excellent game.
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I’ve had a further thought. I might actually be more likely to refresh actions in another SN game, if story rather than grind based. So maybe it’s a mechanic to support those rather than FL?

Edit: tired, may be talking nonsense. Even of my own opinions.
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I suppose that it is good to have the option, but considering the long-term play nature of FL I am content to be patient. Fate/Nex is something that I am willing to spend on story content and perhaps the occasional extra item here and there, but I wouldn’t consider paying for something I could get for free with a little patience.

Well, from what I can glean from the stats after 2 weeks;

  1. The majority of voters (19) will not ever buy Turns, period, so the Nex pricing for them is irrelevant.
  2. The other half (9) is divided between half (5) feeling it is too expensive and other half (4) saying it’s fairly priced.
  3. One Developer/FB employee voted in at $4.00 or more, thanks for visiting the thread I made that top slot especially for you.

Personally I would have spent a few 100 Nex already on turns IF it were more reasonably priced 2-3 Nex.

Regardless, I hope the developers will try out a bargain turn price promotion campaign soon. I’m willing to put my wallet where my mouth is.
Perhaps they will earn more money that way and its’s win-win!

[quote=dharthoorn]3. One Developer/FB employee voted in at $4.00 or more, thanks for visiting the thread I made that top slot especially for you.

I’m going to pretend that’s actually funny. Ha.

Seriously though - the snark wasn’t called for. FB are pretty transparent in their dealings with us, and have better things to do than skew a poll. If you consider their KickStarters, they have some backers willing to invest serious money in the games. Consider thusly: on a low income $4 may be a lot. On a high income, it might be stuff you consider so little to be irrelevant. I’m betting that’s a real player, and you got some genuine feedback there. But by dismissing it, you’re being rude to both the player and the devs. Don’t.


As to the rest of your post - they have been known to play around with number of actions, etc - and the larger candle is a result of that. They may do so with nex, no idea - but doubt it’s a priority while they’re sorting SS.

It was meant as a (failed!) humerous way to name an overly skewed perspective, and I did not think it would be taken seriously. I apologize that it came ocross as a serious allegation to either devs or FB personnel. What it does mean is that for that person, the price is largely irrelevant because they apparently just feel like sponsoring the game and the reward is just a minor perk. At least, that’s my humble interpretation. As for why it’s there at all, it to serve as an upper limit dropoff to the statistics, just like the &quotWould never buy…&quot at the bottom.

Well, they did get new Fruits of the Zee content off the ground for FL already. Hopefully they will indeed look into it. Perhaps I’ll post in the feedback thread as there does not seem to be a dedicated space for suggestions other than that. Not much else I can do.

I’m happy with the current price of course lower would be nice but I doubt if it would encourage me to spend on action refreshes very often. When I have used them it is normally because I am doing something time sensitive - like using a mood card. I quite like the relaxed pace of Fallen London and am an Exceptional Friend so feel like I have plenty of actions to use over the day.