POLL: LEAST favourite ES of the past 12 months!

Here we go again… another year has passed since the last Exceptional Stories polls! :)

Here’s a link to the Favourite Story poll.

As usual, it would be best if only users who’ve played at least two thirds of these stories took part in the poll.

If you’re interested in previous years’ results, here they are: 2016 2017 2018

Something else: when this is over, I’m planning to make an Exceptional Stories Super-Poll, with only the best-liked stories of the past four years - and Flint - competing for the title of Best ES Ever :)
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I voted “The Bones of London”; it wasn’t bad, but it was mundane (I missed a very exciting portion of the story, apparently). Required Repairs was goofy fun, Daylight was creepy and strange, and The Price of Loss was suffused with grief; all three of them took risks, and I think it’s important not to punish risk-taking and tonal variation. (I’d put all three of them equal or almost equal to “Noises from Upstairs.”)

I must confess, I don’t remember Exceptional Stories by their titles, but rather what transpired in it.

Would it be possible to have even a one-line description of each to jog my memory?

Why was Daylight so badly received? I kind of loved it.
Voted for Stag and the Shark, for the pure frustration of it.

Among things, Daylight had various bugs when it launched and the characters felt extremely bland.

This was a hard choice since none of these stories were terrible. I ultimately chose Daylight since it ended up as the least satisfying of my bottom three - it was going for cryptic, but was a little TOO cryptic, I think. I never did quite figure out what was going on. Required Repairs had a fun story despite the tediousness of the mechanics. I enjoyed sabotaging the Fisher’s plans in The Stag and The Shark even if I ended up with a less satisfying ending.

[quote=Blaine Davidson]I must confess, I don’t remember Exceptional Stories by their titles, but rather what transpired in it.
Would it be possible to have even a one-line description of each to jog my memory?[/quote]

They’re behind a spoiler tag since it got a little long and spoilery:

The Bones of London: The one where you travel around London committing illegal acts of cartography
Written in the Glim: The one where a dubious astrologer sells you out to the Starved Men
Required Repairs: The one where a friendly Councilman &quotrepairs&quot your Lodgings by replacing your basement with spiders
For All the Saints…: The one where you seduce a priest and go to Hell (but not for seducing the Priest)
The Magician’s Dream: The one where a magician hires you to find his sister, who of course being an apprentice magician is lost in Parabola
A Little Pandemonium: The one with bonfire rats, a no-fun-allowed ministry official, and liberationist party poopers
Daylight: The one where a no-fun-allowed monster stalks you around a model city
The Price of Loss: The one with a group of Tomb Colonists who have unknowingly been leeched onto by a Parabolan Squonk
Cricket, Anyone?: The one where you find out why the Correspondence and sports do not mix, but not how the game of Cricket actually works
Noises from Upstairs: The one with Harry Houdini and a touch of the Upstairs
Tauroktonos: The one with the archeological dig, the devils, and a potential gallblighter wasp surprise
The Stag and the Shark: The one where you help an upper class twit find a bound shark and, if you choose poorly, THESUNTHESUNTHESUN

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edited by SingingFlame on 6/2/2019

I’m sad to see Daylight and Required Repairs doing so badly, since I liked both a lot. I generally like stories that let you do lots of exploring. And Required Repairs was lots of fun. Also, spiders. :)

I voted for The Stag and the Shark because it was rather bland in general, promised a lot (in terms of lore) and delivered nothing. I confess I hate the Young Stags, so I probably was partial against it from the beginning.

If not for that story, I probably would’ve voted The Magician’s Dream, since I remember almost nothing about it which is never a good sign.
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