(POLL) How many Actions do you log per day?

For a while I have been wondering what the playing style of our Forum residents is like.

Feel more than free to leave an elaborating comments because I am very interested in FL player behavior. Especially to know if you are just flipping cards or mainly playing storylets (grinding Echoes/Where?), and if you are stat-maxed and over/ubergoated etc. Anything and everything you’d be willing to share is appreciated.

Personally, stat-wise I’m base 75ish, I play in bursts 3 to 4 times a day, and flip about 30 cards per day on average. Thank the Masters for Exceptional Friendship otherwise I’d have to double my sessions and that’s just not feasible. My biggest gripe by far is the evil RNG but that’s just my brain having difficulties coping with uncertainties.

For me, the number really depends if I have exceptional friend running (I tend to buy when new content comes out). I tend to be able to check in every 4 hours during work, and every 15-20minutes outside of work.

I used to spend every possible action every day pretty much, but now I’ve got a Ubergoat I’m not playing all that much any more.

I’m just trying to amass resources that might come in use in later expansions. The 20 max point accumulation is very generous, allowing me to do other things and come back to utilize the past few hours of potential waiting right then and there. I manage to effectively check my characters (because 1 is not enough for me) 4 times every day at a minimum of 4 hour intervals (80 Actions), although I likely go over that limit during the weekends and holidays.

I’ve been playing Fallen London (formerly Echo Bazaar) since my early College days and because it’s free I have never felt the incentive to completely break ties with the game. For me it feels like a very comfortable niche, one I am happy to support financially when needed.

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I tend to play in bursts around school, and use just about all my actions after I get home.

I have absolutely no idea. The 20 action thing is happy-making, though, as I can do more and check in less often …

I usually spend every possible action across two characters while I’m awake and able to socially acceptably access my phone or laptop approximately every hour or so. FL is really easy to fold into the other things already filling my life if I’m enthusiastic about it enough – it also helps that almost everyone I know is totally comfortable checking their cell phones at least once an hour, including on social occasions. :)

Because it’s two characters, my total average number’s a bit higher, around 240ish/day total on average (assuming the crappy math I just did was any good), especially because one character has a subscription. But I picked 120+ on the poll because I assume this is meant to be per character and I’m not quite ready to wake myself up every 3ish hours to get maximum actions. :D

I’m not really sure the exact amount but it’s generally ‘whenever i’m awake’, but my sleeping habits are weird so that probably varies; there was definitely a period when i was sleeping in two shorter cycles and was an exceptional friend and spending 144 a day, but that wasn’t typical.

Usually about 40 on my main. Used to be as many as possible, but lately, other than during holidays and when there’s new content, it feels like there isn’t much to do besides grind. I’m stat capped in persuasive, and around 160 in my other stats. I have been going to the nadir once a week though, which is fun.
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I’ve just started down here (ahoy everyone) and within a day had bought a second candle to burn through.

Right now, as a newcomer, I can’t get enough of this. Work takes me away from my computational device for lengthy periods, however, coffee and luncheon breaks provide me the opportunity to roam further.
I find that 2 candles is just enough for me, although I have been tempted to purchase a refresh from time to time just to get to the end of a most intriguing story. At the moment it is only a temptation and my wallet thanks me for not following through.

My morning routine these days is to peruse Fallen London with a cup of tea, when I usually work my way through the 40 actions that have accumulated overnight. Then, depending on how much I’m procrastinating with work, I’ll either check in a few times during the day, or wait til the evening for another 40 action play.

I doubt I’d enjoy it as much with 20 actions as that feels too short and limiting to me. I think I’ve been playing as an Exceptional Friend for most of the months since I started around 6 months back.

It used to be 10, and 20 for Exceptional friends. Changed at Christmas last year. I’m with you - not sure I’d be able to maintain the same level of engagement if I had to check in twice as regularly.

I knew it used to be 10/20 but hadn’t realised it was so recently. I started playing at the start of the year, so good timing there then!

I start the day with 40 actions and then try to get back every hour or so to flip cards so I use at least 100 actions a day, sometimes more. That is for each of my characters as well so in total around I play around 400 action a day.

@Lady Ciel

Wow, does that mean you juggle 4 characters? That’s 4 times doing Nadir, 24 Eyeless Skulls…how DO you stay sane?

I’m not the only one with multiple alts:) By the way who said I was sane?

[quote=dharthoorn]@Lady Ciel

Wow, does that mean you juggle 4 characters? That’s 4 times doing Nadir, 24 Eyeless Skulls…how DO you stay sane?[/quote]

I have four accounts, though I only needed 4 Eyeless Skulls to get into the Cave of the Nadir. 400 echoes is far easier to get.

Common calculus and rationality probably both agree with you here. Still, going for that option just doesn’t quite feel right and leaves a kind of rancid, tainted taste of &quotdefeat&quot in my mouth. That didn’t bug you?

Meh,… perhaps I’ve been playing this game too long and it’s clouding my common sense…

Nah, I’d much rather fork over the money than spend a week or more hoping the RNG favours me. No taste of defeat on my end. Actually, in two cases going for the Eyeless Skull conversion would result in a sense of defeat. Sara and Gloria refuse to advance the Liberation of Night.