Poll: do you prefer Discord or these forums?

  • Forums yay!
  • Discord all the way!
  • I love both!
  • I hate both!
  • I will remain faithful to Reddit!
  • I am an individual of peculiar persuasions. My opinion is not represented among the meagre set of options you’ve provided.

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I think both have their own separate uses. For a quick hey is this still correct question and live back and forth the Discord is much better. Forums however excels at storing and archiving data and longer term conversations.

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I distrust Discord’s data privacy practices.

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As someone who voted “I hate both” I want to qualify that answer-“hate” is a strong word. While the alerts system for the old forums was a bit confusing, it was still serviceable for the amount of Fallen London conversation I wanted to have here-it’s just, I’m invested in other things too so I don’t end up using this place to talk about Fallen London nearly as much as another peripheral hobby’s forum.

As for Discord, I just find it infinitely confusing on every single level. While in theory yes, it is more convenient for having rapid fire conversations I’ve become a bit set in my ways and have my rapid-fire conversations about Fallen London somewhere else. I’m like a confused caveman in a spaceship over there. Groping at strange buttons and unfamiliar channels that I can’t fathom the existence of I realise too late I can just ignore and use the general channels instead. Except when people are more invested in posting cat pictures than talking about the game.