Poet Laureate: Other ways to raise Persuasive?

Hello all!
I’m up to A Poet-Laureate 15 and have recently made Legendary Charisma. With all my gear on, I get to Persuasive 243, but it seems I need 290 to finish this grind.

I see that I can buy a fedora or tiara, which would get me to 251, as well as a Twelve-Carat Diamond Ring, which would take me to 254. I am also keeping an eye out for Mood cards, but that would just get me up to 284.

What other Persuasive add-ons am I missing? I wound up with the Shadowy Destiny, sadly. I’m in the Young Stags’, but the Partheneum would only boost me up to 285/+1, as I understand it.

Thank you in advance!

Can you post either your current kit or a link to your profile? That would make it easier to see where there’s opportunity for improvement.

What is your Renown like right now with various factions? Several factions offer best-in-slot equipment as a reward for achieving Renown 40. Those are all substantial grinds… but well worth it. Especially 8 points each in the Transport and Home Comfort slots, those are effectively irreplaceable.

Ah, yes indeed, sorry!


Currently my Renown is best with Church, Criminals, and Docks, at 5 for each.

Transport. +8 Persuasive. Renown: Society 40
Home comfort. +8 Persuasive. Renown: Church 40
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Well, the Renown items get you there. But, 40 Renown is quite the grind in itself (probably a few months), and unfortunately there’s really no half-measures available for those two slots.

You can squeeze an extra 2 points by buying a fancier suit from the Bazaar. Note that the Mood is a Hat, it will negate the value of a Tiara.

You mentioned you are a Legendary Charisma, but it looks like you haven’t factored Overcapping into your stats yet. You can get up to 15 more points, depending on how much Notability you are willing to spend. That’s… also a grind, but possibly shorter than Renown. On the other hand, Renown and its rewards are more permanent.

You probably wanna consider overcapping your Persuasive through the notability grind and ‘An Unsigned Message’, yeah. Good luck.

Thank you all for the info! A lot of this is new to me, so I have some follow up questions:

  1. Is getting the transport and home comfort options from each faction something that crops up on their card once I have 40 Renown?
  2. How does one overcap? Sounds like it’s through the Amaneunsis somehow?

I’m fine with a long grind! I’m working towards the most fanciest of weddings at the moment, which is likely going to take months, I just like knowing how to do something and having a plan.

For each faction, there’s a 10-renown item that’s available on the card for 3 favors, a 25-renown item that’s available for 5 favors somewhere in London, and a 40-renown item that’s available for 7 favors somewhere outside London. Full list at https://fallenlondon.fandom.com/wiki/Renown_Items_(Guide) if you want it, but the Renown: Society item is in Port Carnelian, and the renown: Church item is on Corpsecage island.

Once you are a Legendary Charisma and have 200 persuasive, on the &quotAn Unsigned Message&quot card there is an option to use all your notability to set your persuasive to 200 + your notability. (NOTE - this does not raise your stat cap, just your actual stat value, so if it goes down you can’t just do persuasive challenges to get it back up.)

I would recommend starting on the renown collection, since renown can only be gained through favors which can only be gained from cards, so there’s no way to speed it up. But once you’ve made progress you keep it forever! Notability, on the other hand, is transient. It is difficult to raise it until you’ve got all the various bizarre/dreaded/respectable items and tattoos, and raising it is not permanent, since it gets used up by various things. So I would focus on getting the renown items and on items that boost your BDR and leave the notability stuff for once you’ve gotten all the BDR items you intend to.
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Choosing Crooked Cross as your profession will get you a weapon with +12 Persuasive, +12 Shadowy and +1 Dreaded. There may well be other occupations that give you something similar, I don’t know, I’ve never looked into it.

Edit: Please ignore me, I only just looked at your profile and see you already have a +12 Persuasive weapon. Sorry about that.
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Thank you all, and thank you an extra time Amalgamate for the great advice! It’ll definitely be a long road till I’ve got my Renowns up sufficiently, so it sounds like I can slowly up that every time I get the chance and let this simmer until I’m there while I work on my other goals.

Er, I’m sorry, I’m not quite sure I understand?

[quote=Mr Candles]
As Fedora and Tiara, you can acces to Judmental Hat. So you can spend money to Ring.[/quote]

[quote=Vesta_Tilley]Er, I’m sorry, I’m not quite sure I understand?

[quote=Mr Candles]
As Fedora and Tiara, you can acces to Judmental Hat. So you can spend money to Ring.[/quote][/quote]
The Judgemental Hat was a promotional item made available in relation to Sunless Skies. It’s not quite at the same level as the Fedora, but I think Mr Candles is saying that if it’s still available, your Echoes are better spent on other slots.

But, again, Moods are Hats. If your plans involve a Mood, then you can ignore the Hat slot altogether.

Definitely look into the Judgemental Hat if you can, though. One is always in need of a hat with strong opinions.

Probably something like &quot(since you mention you can buy) a fedore or tiara: you can also access a judgmental hat (for free)&quot (AFAIK that’s wrong though, judgmental hat was only available for a some time after the sunless skies kickstarter concluded - wiki history implies it was disaccessabled in march 2018) &quot and therefore can spend echoes on the ring instead&quot.
Which is IMO completely useless, since you implied you can afford hat and ring at the same time,

Anyway: https://fallenlondon.fandom.com/wiki/Persuasive_Items
With +15 overcap (215), mood (245), gown/dandy (255), ring (263), proffession weapon (275), dancing slippers (280) …

companion: the minister of culture at the current end of persuasive storyline (+10), or newly-born frost-moth (tomb colonies 40 renown item) (+10), or, uh, alluring accomplice (buyable, +5)
affiliation: build a salon, not an orphanage (+2) - until then, newspapers or god’s editors are (+1)
transport: society renown 40 (+8)
home comfort: church renown 40 (+8)
spouse: several, including another plauer (+1)
This paragraph is anything from +5 to +29
-> 285 to 309

You might have missed contrarian’s debating lessons (reward for grinding last year, or (iirc) buyable with fate this year’s election)
(that’s +8 on top of everything before (20 vs. 12 weapon), for a total of 317)
(or just 298 without a mood)

I am sure I got it without overcapping, and with profession Author: renown items, top gear from the bazaar and a mood were enough.

I used all Sunless Skies codes in April, so they might be still working. Try here to get Judgemental Hat and other goodies: https://fallenlondon.fandom.com/wiki/Sunless_Skies