Pneumatic Ratsender

How do you use this thing? I bought it, used it once and now there is a 0 and can’t figure out how to use it again.


I think you need to hire Rattus Fabers from the shops in London to continue using it.

They’re exhaustible resources. When you launch a Rattus Faber for repairs using the Ratsender, the Rattus Faber does the repairs and then skedaddles. You’ll need more Rattus Faber to Ratsend again.


OK now I can’t find the rattus fabers. I see the assistants at the shop but nothing else. Any advice?

The Rattus Faber Assistants, yes. They’re Rattus Faber, and they’re assisting you. They’re who you want to hire.

So 100 echos for the assistants…that’s pretty steep to do 1 repair on the hull.

It doesn’t do one repair! It repairs 10 points of hull, instantly, in combat. Normal at-zee repairs do 5 points of hull at a time, very slowly, and force you to drift helplessly while it’s going on.

You shouldn’t need Ratsending unless you intend to take on a particularly dangerous beastie.
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Gotcha! Ok that helps.

If you are looking for cheaper repair options, use the ‘Put ship in Drydock’ option when docked at London. You can use your admiralty favours + 25 echo to get your ship to full hull.

Or even better, side with the Republic of Murinia on Pigmote Isle and use your SAY to keep your ship topped up