Pleased to Make Your Acquaintance

A thread for those who wish to send a calling card and make other Fallen Londoners their Acquaintance for social actions via the new Attend to matters of society and scandal storylet.

Those who wish to send a calling card, or who would be amenable to being sent one, please let us know!

I would be honored.

I would be thrilled if people sent me calling cards! The more, the merrier.

Let us expand our networks together.

Aiming for 75 acquanintaces so please send on , reserving my actions just to accept invitations.[li]

IGN is Trenloco

I would be delighted to make your acquaintance.

Feel free to send me a calling card! My profile is here[li]

Feel free to send me calling cards! My username is “Blackleaf”

I’ll happily accept calling cards!

Both of mine are accepting calling cards.

Though he lives with little Polly, the clay gentleman Adam is also accepting cards. They are pleasing to the eye, and he quite likes them.

I am definitely accepting any calling cards sent my way for all my characters.

I’m always willing to harvest new friends, rivals, and victims. wink

Most of my characters are currently at zee and unable to send invitations, but please leave a calling card at my door (any door). My trained zee-bats shall bring your card to me. Or you could simply swim to my ship. That works, too. Some people have already done it. I applaud their social resolve.

EDIT: &quotZeedee&quot can no longer accept calling cards. If you’re still inclined to make my formal acquaintance, please redirect your cards to my other character &quotKnotacare&quot!
edited by Zeedee on 12/5/2013

If you are interested in making the acquaintance of a Mr Wines of questionable authenticity or any of Elene’s other associates, they too welcome cards.

I am happily accepting Calling Cards from all gentle beings.[li]


I would love to receive some calling cards

Chiming in to say that I’ll also be delighted to accept any and all acquaintance cards.

Please send your cards to me, do!
ETA: with the current cap, I am no longer able to accept any more cards. Apologies, delicious friends. I hope we can become acquainted at some later date!
edited by Lady Red on 12/5/2013

I’m wondering if I can hit the cap without sending an invitation myself - at Zee and already at 27 so only 50 more needed:)

Cards are ever-welcome. Betrayals not intended.

Profile here!

I think I’ve sent one to everyone above me on this thread, but I would be honoured to have even more acquaintances. Feel free to send me cards.