Please put 40pt urchins reward inside Storm's Mind

Honestly, it took me about 8 months to get to the Storm menace area, and I predict that grinding 40 Urchins would take a comparable amount of time.

With some assumptions … renown 40 ~ connection 21+640=261 ~ cp 21150+50*51/2=11825 ~ speak softly to the little villains x 3941 ~ 40 days of doing nothing else all day

I do hope one of the urchins items will be a sock, stuffed with something decidedly heavy.

I was actually afraid of this. Now, I’m not going to complain if they put it there (seems like it’d fit well and all), but I would have to spend quite a lot of time on mutton island… I specifically am keeping stormy eyed around 7 so that I can minimize dream card draws :P

It does not help that it is entirely possible lock yourself out of the Mind of a Long dead god via conventional means; so if you don’t actually know about the level trigger and the grind available on mutton island it entirely possible to draw cards and never get the ones required to raise your level enough to get it.

I’d love to see it be inside the mind.

But I’d also like something done for those who got themselves locked out of it, perhaps the urchan 25 card having 2 possibilities, one that fixes the lack of storm mind…

Everyone complained about being locked out of it. How was that ever a possibility?

Locked out how? It used to be that “Who is the third that walks always beside you?” locked with too high thunder dreams and that could lock you. But as far as I know that is no longer the case. Is there a different way to lock yourself out? If not then the Mind of the Long Dead God is a pain but not actually impossible

The item IS in the Mind, right? Getting there does not take that long nowadays. I used Mutton Island to grind Stormy-Eyed and What the Thunder said, along with Dock favors. The carousel also netted me Whispered Hints. And yes, I had to do it twice since I explored the Mind when I still did not have Urchins Renown: 40. So I would say it is not that hard; it probably took me less that two months of normal play till I hit Stormy Eyed 17, and then a day or two at Mutton Island.
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You can grind WtTS?

Yes it is. Don’t forget that you not only need Renown 40 but also 7 Favours.