Please improve the contact management in this game

Christmas/Advent just reminded me of how inefficient, cumbersome and tedious the current system is, as I scrolled through the list to find people to give Christmas cards to, and find out who had given me a card so I may reciprocate the gesture.

Allow us to sort the contacts by 1) Last active, 2) Date added, 3) Alphabetical order, 4) Frequency of prior social engagements (good or bad), 5) In-game status e.g. Married, POSI’ed, which Ambition, SMEN or not, Ship or not, Railway or not, Exceptional or not, etc.

I also noticed some players have a in-game user name different from the registered(?) name, that might make the data management a bit harder.


At the very least, it would be nice to have a list you can make for quick contacts, rather than having to sort through an exhaustive list of everyone you’ve ever interacted with.


Quick advice:
On PC you can click the list and start typing the name. It’s much faster than scrolling, if you know the person you want to interact with.