Please Help, it seems Irrigo is a Real Thing!

The main problem I have with Fallen London seems to be remembering things. The game throws lots of stuff at you in a sideways, cryptic and arcane manner, and the little titbits of info often get lost along the way. I have a devil of a time remembering all the lore and keeping track of all the characters. Often there will be aspects of a certain story-line or theme that I don’t pick up on, because they are being encountered for the first time, and later once I know more about the topic I’ve entirely forgotten those first bits I read.

Sometimes the wiki is of limited use in helping me remember stuff, because the thing I am trying to remember is fate-locked. My worst sin is that I have been doing my ambition in small chunks. And every single time I get back to it, I have to trudge through the entire wiki section on it up to the point I have reached, because I have forgotten every damn thing I did and why I did it, and who the hell are these people anyway?

So anyway, I was perusing my qualities and noticed a few that I have absolutely no memory of. If any kind souls could help me with trying to make some sense out of them I would be very grateful. I’ve had enough of lost trails and dead-ends on the wiki for one summer.

So here goes:

  • Empire’s Kingmaker What might that be connected with, and how might I have acquired it?

-Venture Challenge Level 1 How hard can it be? - What on earth is that when it’s at home?

- A Power in Waiting - A Guardian of the Realm To what end do you wait, in the shadows of Empire? - Excuse me?

- In Search of the Severe Bluejacket’s Mistress 30 - You have resolved the division on the Pyres, for better or worse You are on the trail of a Conflagrati leader suffering from the rare condition of animescence.

-Now I know where this one comes from, though I can remember almost bugger-all about the story. A shipwreck on an island, and two factions as I recall: The New Sequence and the Conflagrati. That’s right isn’t it? Okay, so I know about the New Sequence, I remember them from Sunless Sea, but who are the Conflagrati again?

Thanks in advance. I may well return to this some time, when I have forgotten more things, but this is more than enough for now.

Empire’s Kingmaker - You get this through the Affair of the Box (in Spite). Definitely check which side you’re currently aligned with (anti- or pro-Masters) before playing any Affair of the Box storylets - you gain a level of Turncoat every time you switch sides (and that eventually locks you out of the story)

A Power in Waiting - A Guardian of the Realm - And this is the quality that tells you which side you’re currently aligned with: Pro-Masters (anti-Masters is called &quot[color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]The Conscience of Empire&quot)[/color]

Venture Challenge Level 1 - This is just some obscure difficulty tracker from an Exceptional Story, I really don’t remember which one. Totally unimportant

Conflagrati - crazy people who really really like fire.
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Empire’s Kingmaker: This is tied to the Affair of the Box and its carousel. Nearly every action in the carousel increases it, but as of now it has no purpose.

A Power in Waiting - A Guardian of the Realm: In the affairs of state, you remain loyal to London and the realm rather than the revolutionaries or a new order. When you play the Affair of the Box carousel, you usually have two choices at each storylet. You should play the ones that hurt revolutionaries and help the Masters: hunting down unionist leaders, protecting the Masters’s messages, etc. If you want to change sides, you can play the other option at the cost of the Turncoat menace.

The Conflagrati: The Conflagrati are not a huge part of the lore, as I recall. They see aminescence - the disease from the Elder Continent that burns your soul - as a kind of transcendence, and they want to catch it themselves.

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Dammit! How did I end up siding with the Masters? I hate those guys!

Ah, Animescence! I know what that is! It all makes a little bit more sense now (now I feel like Captain America when he gets that Wizard of Oz reference).

Thanks very much, guys. That was very helpful indeed.

Empire’s Kingmaker can also be acquired at the conclusion of the Bound in Diocesan Intrigue opportunity cards, which are part of the Fate-locked Labyrinth of Tigers content. By advising caution (as opposed to supporting the Bishop or betraying him to other powers), I went from not having Empire’s Kingmaker to having Emperor’s Kingmaker 34. That’s +600 CP!

Yes, I think that’s how I got it, too. I took the same path you did in that story, whereas I don’t think I’ve done much at all with the Affair of the Box, certainly haven’t got to any carousel yet.