Playtest request -- The Gillingham Problem[li]

In this game, you must stave off madness in order to solve the mystery of a man’s dark dreams. Every choice has a chance of going poorly…

Any advice is appreciated! This game is less about CYOA and more about danger management ala Arkham Horror. Thanks in advance!

I can’t do anything. I logged in with Twitter (as I usually do with SN games), typed in a character name (Penelope), and indicated that I understood the terms of service, and found myself at a game start space that referred to pinned cards, but showed no cards of any kind. Looks like a bug to me.

Same here. As a matter of interest, is there any chance your playtest content still all locked with “Key of Dreams”?

Yeah I get that too… Double check to make sure Key of Dreams is off on all cards you want us to see and that your cards aren’t in a different area/setting as the starting one.[li]
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Ah… Key of dreams now off. D’oh!

This seems really interesting so far… The debate between Occult beliefs and Catholic beliefs has always been around and the time is an interesting choice, I am excited to see what you have in store! Now on to some gameplay observations:

The dream of yellow masks says 20 insights but only takes 10 and the dream of glass houses says 30 but also only takes 10. I don’t know if this is intentional or not but I figured I would bring it to your attention all the same. Also, I do not know exactly how far along in this project you see yourself, but as much as I love the story, I found myself getting bored and simply focusing more on grinding than anything else after 10 actions or so… It was also easy to escape madness after I knew what the cards did but (again, this might be intentional) it lead to a very quick repetition of actions, causing me to focus less on the story. The grinding itself was also incredibly easy and within a few minutes, I had over 100 insights. This makes it easy to read the story as best you can in it’s entirety but could easily lead to people rushing through your story.[li]
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Thanks Kitsune – I have adjusted the grind difficulty and leveling, so I hope it will prompt more exploration.

[color=000000]Literally only tried for 5 mins. But when I first went mad there were two piles of cards, one said something about a collection of images, but clicking did nothing. Perhaps some indication that it’s unavailable at that stage might help?

Also - is there no chance element as to what lowers and raises nightmares (e.g. cat cuddles good, bird pecks bad)? Once worked out, it’s very easy to lower them.

Typo: [color=000000]He [/color][/color]shows you his latest acquisition: a stereoview photographs of a comet.
a photograph (del the s) / or delete the ‘a’.

Troubles at St Gerard - the non-churchy option doesn’t seem to give anything for choosing. Aside from more story. There’s no ‘you’ve gained’ thing.
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Can’t seem to get an introduction to Vess - would be nice if knew it to be an opp card or something I have to hope for in the tarot/bible reading. :-S
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Thanks babel. There is not a chance element to the nightmare reduction in madness, and that it intentional. An introduction to Vess should come as an Always option in town after bypassing all of the nightmares - please let me know if that is not happening for you.

Ahha. I had to get nightmares high enough to get to where I could easily lose them. Onwards. Except, of course, I have to find a way of raising my people so I can unlock and introduction (tarot dude and bible lady are both at one). Hmm. no obvious way how. Will wander and see.
Nope … no idea. :-S
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Er, there seems to be no way to cultivate a closer relationship with the two people you can meet to get an introduction.

When my hand is empty, I am shown (apparently) two decks but can only draw from one, the other is blank backed.