Playing the Original Sunless Sea?

I sort of want to go back and play Sunless Sea close to how it was when I first played it. But the Zubmariner DLC really changed the game in terms of experience and difficulty, even if you don’t get a Zub (also, it kinda messed up the Zee bat?), so it just doesn’t feel right.

On a technical level, how would I accomplish this? Uninstalling the game, reinstalling Sunless Sea and not installing Zubmariner?

Also, what would be left out by excluding the Zubmariner expansion? Would the Roser market be left out? The Pirate Poet? That crazy artist lady with the knives (I remember her quest was restricted at one point and just sort of stopped)? Would bug fixes and interface improvements to the base game be lost as well?

Reinstalling without Zubmariner should do the trick.

This would remove the missions to obtain the Zubmarine, the underwater ports, and the short deliveries that start the stories in the underwater ports (The Butterfly Collector, the Questioner in the Khanate, etc). It would also remove the Immortality Ambition.

Everything else you mentioned (The Pirate Poet, the Merciless Modiste, Rosers’ Wharf, etc) is a permanent part of the main game.
edited by Gul al-Ahlaam on 5/24/2020

Thanks :)

Turns out I didn’t have to uninstall as I’m using Steam, I just had to unclick the DLC.

Also, apparently the &quotTravel Writer&quot/Passenger storyline is a part of the main game and available at the start. That’s easy money and lessens the early game difficulty quite a bit. Guess I’ll be ignoring that for about an in-game year.
edited by Anne Auclair on 5/25/2020