Playing on multiple computers

I’ve got the Steam version of Sunless Sea. Is there a way to copy the autosave file to the cloud? I’ve got the game installed on three computers now and it would be groovy to be playing the same captain on all of them as opposed to having three different stories going.

I don’t know if the game itself supports it (I only play on one computer), but to enable steam Cloud saves, on the top left corner of the Steam window…

Steam > Settings > Cloud > Enable Steam Cloud Synchronization for games which support it

Yeah, I’ve got that set already from playing Torchlight way back when.

Oh, well. I’ve sort of gotten used now to the idea of playing different captains on different computers. (Laptop, netbook/tablet, desktop). My laptop is on Captain #10, so it’s not as if the captains last a long time, heh.

Given that it’s not using cloud storage, would it be possible to grab the game’s save files, drop them on a USB, copy them over when playing on the next PC, and copy them back to the USB when you’re done?

I have no idea where the save files are located but it could be a workaround in the absence of cloud storage. :-)

Edit: And if having a dedicated USB is not a viable option, Google Drive or something similar? It still requires manual work, but could allow you to play the one consecutive game - as well as providing a backup in case you experience a hard-drive failure.
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I think so, yes. At least, with a bit of research I’ve found where the save files are kept and I see no reason why they couldn’t be carried around on a USB stick.