Playing cat and mouse with an evasive target

I recently tried my hand at one of the cases on the Implacable Detective’s business card and was quite disappointed by the fact that it was entirely luck. The RNG God, Gods, or machine, depending on your beliefs, was quite generous today, giving me 55 cat getting warmer with 50 hints spent. I spent the hints because I figured part of it would be watchful challenges, and I really didn’t want to risk failure because of luck. They could have at least made one option not a matter of luck! Well, I guess one could spend fate, but I am trying to play fateless.

Needless to say, I will probably not be playing cat and mouse again anytime soon.

If you tend to play a bit fast and loose with your sanity, one of the cases is fairly easy. There’s a way to progress that case when you’re out of your mind.